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When applied to an optimized automotive body structure, aluminum can provide a weight savings of up to 50 percent compared with the traditional mild steel structure. Aluminum body structures are equal or superior in strength to steel and absorb twice as much crash-induced energy. Primary-structure weight savings also allow other vehicle systems to be downsized (including the engine, transmission, suspension and wheels). Across the board, in weight, strength and safety, aluminum’s advantages are clear.

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The Structural Holding Package is designed to give additional holding to newer vehicles manufactured with large amounts of High Strength and Ultra High Strength steels and additional Aluminum structures.

Structural holding allows a technician to apply additional holds, spreading out the amount of pressure at each hold location reducing the chance of additional damage during repairs. This holding is necessary to hold a part being replaced in the correct location for welding and bonding.

This system will fit any Chief or Chief style machines with rectangle holes on top of the deck. This concept allows a shop that has an older machine to be equipped with the latest technology in holding systems that will assist in repairs on the newest vehicles.

Aluminum Group, The - Little HappynessAluminum Group, The - Little HappynessAluminum Group, The - Little HappynessAluminum Group, The - Little Happyness